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Brenda as light and love ...

Brenda is the therapist I was yearning for. She is very smart, resourceful, loving and generous of spirit, as she addresses the whole person.  The world looks very different to me since we started working together.  I wish I could send everyone I love to her.  – GB, Westland, MI

I came to my last appointment very upset about my husband and within minutes of talking and doing EFT with Brenda, I am totally clear and balanced and filled with peace and love. Her skill is amazing. The affirmations she uses are so healing.  Thank you Brenda. - MS, Cleveland, Ohio

Brenda offers a place that is complete peace and kindness.  You can talk freely and she will really listen to you.  And while you are there, you will feel loved and supported. When you walk out that door, you will have something you can hold onto for the rest of that day, week or longer.
                                                                                                                         - LB, Allen Park, MI
EFT Coaching

Brenda helps to find your own answers.  Her attention is on you and your life and your unfolding. She has a knack for pinpointing your strengths and making you feel loved and beautiful. Then she guides you to getting out of your own way.  The EFT process is amazing and really helps you to release stuck energy. 
–MA, Oak Park, MI

Brenda allowed me to vent about all the stresses I had been feeling that day at work and in my personal life. We did some EFT at the end of the session too. I felt such a sense of spiritual calm--like I had been meditating for 20 minutes.  I continue to practice this technique daily and it has made such a difference in my life. 
–MW,   Westland, MI

We tapped together for a few sessions on this pain I had in my right hip.  The pain seemed better than it had been but the true test was that a few days later, I went shopping for 3 hours and was surprised when I realized that my hip didn't hurt!  My hips continue to be almost pain-free and this is after over a year of continual pain. I am so grateful to you Brenda for working with me with EFT!  -MT, Royal Oak, MI

I was amazed at how much Brenda helped me (in one session) to reduce sugar cravings using EFT and hypnotherapy.  It has been a month and I have lost 8 lbs. and have no problems with the cravings now. I would recommend her to anyone.
- BL, Farmington Hills, MI

EFT Workshop Testimonials

I could absolutely feel the divine love of God flowing through you last night at the EFT Workshop you led.  I could feel your positive and glowing and enlightened energy!  You were just beaming! You are a light worker and I am grateful for you and your gift and your willingness to share. 
–CM, Novi, MI

Brenda, the EFT and guided imagery you did with me before my surgery made all the difference for me.  I felt totally relaxed.  Your voice with those soothing affirmations kept running through my head before the surgery and while I was healing.  Thank you for all that and more!
  -FS, Birmingham, MI

EFT helps me in the same way as meditation or yoga . . . it centers me . . . it brings me back to myself, it helps me to realize I don't have to live in a state of fear . . . I can be at peace.  I am so grateful to you Brenda to have this tool to add to my toolbox.  And you are such a beautiful presence in my life!  -BH, Southfield, MI

I took Brenda's workshop on EFT and for the first time, I felt the actual effects of EFT.  My body tingled and my anxiety was replaced with a distinct sense of calmness and well-being. I continue to practice and find it has opened my spirit fully to my creative self again.

Thank you Brenda, for teaching me EFT with such enthusiasm and joy!
 -JR, Livonia, M

You Can Heal Your Life

Although I had read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, some time ago, and had worked through many of the exercises. It was a totally different experience to share within a group setting. Things I thought I had dealt with were still with me. But this time I felt as if a weight had been lifted and my heart grew lighter. Brenda is a wonderful facilitator!  
-NL, West Bloomfield, MI

Brenda’s workshop was very informative and delivered with real sincerity. It made me feel like she really cared about me as a person.  She has a lot of energy and enthusiasm which made the workshop even nicer!   -BL, Clarkston, MI
Brenda’s wisdom, professionalism and caring attitude, impressed me immensely during the workshop.  It is life altering when you get that your past doesn’t have to hold you back!   -DL, Milford, MI

Thank you Brenda, for being a loving, strong and supportive workshop leader and allowing me to see and deal with some old issues that keep coming up in my life.
    –NZ, Clawson, MI

Testimonials from Wanda Hazleton’s Weight Reduction Workshops
(Soon to be offered by Brenda Strausz in the Metro Detroit area)

I just completed the eight week weight management course at Mind Matters Hypnosis Center. I love the arsenal of tools I was given to work with, not just one, but many. I liked meeting the "new me" and especially enjoyed the NLP blender technique. I'm confident as I continue my journey, I'll be able to reach and maintain my target goal! It's a new and different approach and I found it to be fascinating.

This is a great class. Everything about this class makes sense and it is easy to follow and to be successful. The hypnosis techniques were positive and energizing!
- A.G. Burleson, TX.
  I was able to lose ten pounds during the eight weeks I attended the weight management classes with Wanda. Ten pounds is not an enormous amount of weight, but I have been trying for the last ten years to loose it and I am finally successful!! I will continue using the hypnotherapy program to drop another ten pounds in the coming weeks. It's great...because it really does work!
- Dr. and Mrs. R. R. R. 

I have just completed Wanda's Weight Management Hypnotherapy and I feel GREAT! I have lost 9 inches (mainly in my stomach) and I lost 1 dress size. I am now a firm believer that hypnotherapy is the missing link to permanent weight loss. And the wonderful this is, I can eat what ever feels good to my body. I was amazed and shared this exciting program with all my friends. Most of all, I learned new skills to keep me at my ideal body size, shape and weight through this relaxing, healthy method.
-Reid L.

I'm a local business women and I went to Wanda's 8 week weight loss course. The only word that comes to mind is amazing! I can't even describe what a difference it's made in my thinking and because of that, for the first time in years, I've been able to lose 13 pounds and 12" in those 8 weeks and gained the confidence, tools and habits to keep going until every excess pound is off. I believe the whole key was completely changing thoughts and reactions to food so that I eat what I always did; just not as much, and at different times than before, and best of all ... completely without deprivation. And even though it won't happen overnight (just as it didn't come on overnight), it is happening steadily and comfortably. If you've battled your weight for a good part of your life as I have, you owe yourself this gift! Don't pass up this chance. It's absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself!
-Lisa L. Texas
I am totally amazed at the results I experienced during the eight weeks I attended the Weight Management class offered by MindMatters Hypnosis Center. Not only did I lose 13 lbs. and a total of 9 inches, I gained unexpected benefits. I feel and look like a different person. My friends and co-workers can't believe the difference. And because I look and feel so much better my self confidence has been boosted up by at least three notches! I've almost reached my goal and have already had to buy a few new clothes.
 -Sharon L Irving TX

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mind Matters Hypnosis Center for the weight loss class. My experience has been nothing short of miraculous! I must admit I was not sure this would work for me. From start to finish, I continued to be amazed at the effect this treatment has on me. It not only helped me to loose weight, I learned relaxing techniques that helped me to sleep better, a problem I have been plagued with for years. During the 8 week class I lost 2 dress sizes; a total of 13 inches! I have continued to loose after finishing the class. This program is a life style change. I changed my way of thinking about food without even realizing it and it was so easy! I am really amazed! This is still a work in progress and I hope to be at my ideal size by the end of this year.
-Sean M. Knowles Publishing Fort Worth, TX
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